Valve Cover Racer
Rules and Specs

1.   Small Block Chevy / Ford / MoPar or other similar size valve covers only.

2.   Gravity race:   No propulsion of ANY kind !!

3.   Max Weight:  8 lbs.  Official scales at race site prevail.

4.   Max Width:  10 inches (measured outer tire edge to outer tire edge)

5.   Max Tire Diameter:  4 inches

6.   Max Number of tires per vehicle: 4

7.   Tires shall NOT exceed beyond the length of the actual valve cover.

8.   Weights must be fixed….no moving parts except for wheel rotation….No liquid- filled weights.

9.   No Glass to be used on any valve cover race car !!!

10. No Cheating…..This is intended to be a fun and exciting event !!

11. Trophies:  Awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

12. Plaque:  Awarded to “most imaginative valve cover race car !!!


1.   Race track is 8 feet long and elevated to approximately 5 feet at one end.

2.   Competition is for the farthest distance valve cover racer rolls.

3.   Each competitor gets to roll twice with the farthest roll entered for competition.

4.   Use your imagination for building your race car !!  -:))))))

5.   This event is a HOOT !!!  The more cars we have in competition the greater the fun !!

6.   Everyone and anyone can build a competition car…women are the most imaginative !!

7.   Gentlemen and Ladies !!!   “START – YOUR – GRAVITY !!” -:)))))))))

Pictures from previous event: